We can supply and erect many different kinds of fencing. We always use pressure treated timber and are happy to give you prices for different options to suit your budget.  Fences are often the boundary between properties and we are used to working with neighbours to ensure the needs of both sides are met.

Fencing options:
Close-board fencing is the strongest form of fencing with the fence constructed on site with 5” posts, rails and featheredge boards fixed vertically and capped at the top. Posts can also be concrete with concrete gravel-board between the posts. This is particularly good where the ground levels are different heights on each side of the fence. The fence can be different heights, up to a maximum of 2m. Trellis can be added to the top of the fence if required.
Larchlap panels are a very common form of fencing.

Posts are smaller than the close-board fencing and can be concrete or wooden with panels between the posts. Panels can be different heights up to a maximum of 2m and trellis can be added to the top if required.
We can also supply and fit picket fencing, whether with pointed pales or round topped. This can be different heights also.
Different forms of agriculture fencing are also available including post and rail fencing (whether with wire netting added or not) and sheep fencing.
We can also supply and fit metal fencing so just ask what you are considering and we can tailor a quotation to your needs.

Gates are often an integral part of fencing and we can supply and fit a wide variety of gates from field gates to pedestrian ones. Just ask for what you would like and if need be we can make one to your specific requirements.