Decking can be a wonderful addition to a garden or school playground, providing a child-friendly surface or outdoor room.  The addition of a pergola over the top can give you a space you can use all-year round.

We use high quality Scandinavian redwood decking boards. This has a smooth finish with deeper grooves but fewer of them on one side and shallower but twice as many grooves on the other side so you can have a choice of finishes.  Decking is always raised, being built on a timber frame to ensure air circulation beneath it and give the timber longer life. We use pressure-treated timber and if it is kept clean and maintained you can expect it to last as long as 25 years.

Decking can be very flexible in shape and design, with spindles and handrail as decorative or practical additions. We are happy to design bespoke deck areas to meet your needs. Just get in touch!